What is this fire burning
Why do I keep on turning
Back for more
Back for more

What is this heart revealing
Why do I keep on seeking
In the night
In the night

I hear the heavens shaking
I feel the ground is breaking
Turn me around
Release me now

Take me a hundred thousand miles an hour
Higher, I’m gonna leave this world on fire
Love, love, love find me here and pick me up so I can
Find my own way

Don’t let me stay in silence
Don’t let me walk in blindness
Let me in
Under your skin

Come let me feel your heart beat
Come let me see the water
Move me in
It’s creeping in

I only move when I can feel you moving me
I only breathe when I can feel you’re breathing near
So close to loosing you again
So close to loosing you my friend

©2008Copyright Christian Hesselberg. Admin. HMP/Blue Valley Records
©2008Copyright Hanif Williams. Admin.Kobalt Music Group