In mistyland, when confusion takes my hand
When my cry leaves me with no reply
When future seems fragile and fear calls my name

You’re the very rock I stand on
I’m holding on to you

You will be the faithful ‘til the end
Through the tears and raging storms
You’ll never let me go

Everything I am is in your hands
No matter what may come my way
Your promises will stay

When I have more questions than answers to hold
When I feel doubt makes me loose control
When people fail, turning their backs on me

You will never let me go
You will never let me go
I’m holding on I won’t let go
Of you
Like the breath I’m breathing in
Holy Father take me in
I’m crying

©2008Copyright Christian Hesselberg. Admin. HMP/Blue Valley Records
©2008Copyright Hanif Williams.Admin.Kobalt Music Group