Geeker litt med å lese litt om hva som faktisk skjer på baksiden av MGP. Det er SYYYKE greier!

So here are the guys watching over 6 out of the total 14 generators used for this production. The first 4 you see, starting from the furthest, are for PRG lights, video and rigging generating 4 Megawatts of power. Another 2 are for OB and the portable offices outside (2 Mw), 1 for air conditioning (1 Mw), 2 for catering and the press center (1.5 Mw), 2 for OB for other countries ( .5 Mw), plus 1 Megawatt spare and they're all backed up! We'll use an estimated 400,000 liters of diesel over the course of the production to power these babies. But we all drive Smart cars so it makes up for it……..

via M & M Production Management AB – May 1.