Only you can satisfy
Hear our cry and breathe new life
Only you can set us free
Open eyes to what we need

Only you can give us grace
Deep enough to lift our shame
Only you can touch our hearts
Deep enough to raise us up

Through the cross you made a way
Through the cross you broke the chains
So we’ll sing
Giving everything

Here we stand broken-hearted shouting
You alone make us whole
Here we are shouting freely, only
You alone have saved us all

Here we are singing praises to you Father
You gave it all
Worthy, worthy are you, only
You alone, you alone Lord

Only you will be our fire
The air we breathe and our desire
Only you will be the light
Through our brokenness you’ll shine

Only you can give a love
Strong enough to pick us up
Only you can fill our hearts
With the deepest joy and life

Hear this song we’ll sing it out
With heaven shout: You’re everything
And we will lift you higher so much higher
Like no other one

©2008Copyright Christian Hesselberg. Admin. HMP/Blue Valley Records
©2008Copyright Hanif Williams. Admin.Kobalt Music Group